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Guided Moose and Bear Combo Hunts in Alaska

Moose and Bear Hunts in Alaska

Moose and Bear Hunts in Alaska

Willow Air offers fully guided moose and bear hunts in southern Alaska near the Tsiu River. The area receives a lot of rain every year, sometimes raining every day, and as a result, there is not much hunting pressure. With the lack of hunting pressure, the trophy moose population is prolific, with 70+ inch bull moose seen regularly.  The brown and black bear populations are also impressive with many trophy bears.
These hunts are physically demanding, often hiking in the rain for hours but are very rewarding when you harvest a trophy bear or moose. Our professional guides are familiar with guiding both rifle and bow hunters.

Tsiu River

Hunting the Tsiu River in Alaska

The beautiful Tsiu River between the cities of Cordova and Yakutat is a long but shallow river in southern Alaska. The river is known worldwide as one of the best fishing locations in the world for salmon. It has the highest volume of silver salmon of any river in Alaska, providing an excellent opportunity to fish between hunts or after a successful one. 

Moose & Bear Hunting Season in Alaska

The hunting season for bears and moose is September 1st - November 30th.

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For a one-on-one, fully guided hunt: $40,000.

For a two-on-one, fully guided hunt: $32,000 each.

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