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Remote Unguided Alaska Moose Hunting Outfitter

Remote Unguided Alaska Moose Hunting Outfitter

Hunting moose without a guide Alaska

Trophy Alaska Moose

Unguided Moose Hunts

Willow Air is very proud of its self-guided moose hunts in western Alaska. Year after year we have fabulous success on large trophy bulls in this area. This is not exactly a DIY or do it yourself Alaska Moose hunt but it is unguided. Last year, we experienced an over 75% success rate and have not been under 60% for the past 6 years. There are very few guides in Alaska that can boast a success rate as high as ours, except on guided hunts that cost three times as much as our hunts.

The reason for this is that we own our own airplanes, so all we do is take care of moose hunters. We have a permit to hunt the Innoko Wildlife Refuge which is six thousand square miles of the best moose habitat in Alaska. Also, there are no villages or homesteads near where we hunt, so there is very little local hunting pressure.

DIY Moose Hunt Alaska

Self Guided Moose Hunt

What is a Unguided Alaska Moose Hunt?

This is not a typical drop-off Alaska moose hunt; it is a first-class hunt where we provide rafts for a float hunt or boats and motors to hunt from a fixed camp. The moose are killed close to the water so packing is minimum which is important when moose hunting. We offer 3 types of unguided or self guided moose hunts.

  • Self-Guided Fixed Camp Moose Hunt
  • Self-Guided Float Moose Hunts
  • Self-Guided Extreme Float Moose Hunt

We fly the river daily (weather permitting) so on the fixed camp hunts, when you kill your moose you can call us on a satellite phone and we will put you on our schedule to pick up your moose as soon as possible and bring it back to McGrath. That way you can continue hunting with your partner instead of babysitting your moose. The float hunts are on smaller tributaries, and we are unable to pick your moose up until you reach the pick-up point.

Learn More About Self Guided Moose Hunts

Self-Guided Moose Hunts 3

Activities After The Moose Hunts

We bring a lot of hunters out early after they kill their moose. This area also has excellent black bear and wolf hunting, and excellent pike and grayling fishing at no additional cost. You will need to purchase additional Alaska big game tags, before your hunt, if you wish to continue hunting for black bear, wolf or wolverine after you have filled your moose tag. Moose season in this area is from Sept. 5-25, and the length of our hunts is ten days.